New to 2020- E-learning sessions.

There is so much that can be learnt away from the bike to prepare you for the time you spend at the tracks, but for the average motocross rider, weekends are the only available option to ride due to academic and work commitments. With this in mind, we created the ZEN Academy E-learning series to help you keep your head in the game during the week. Each week, we focus on a multitude of topics from riding technique, mindset, fitness, strength, race craft and much more. These sessions are structured, interactive and are held via Zoom on a weekly basis.

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At ZEN Academy, we have been providing motocross coaching services since 2014.
Founded by our lead coach Luke Morgan, our aim is to focus on rider development with a long term view, rather than a short term quick fix of horsepower development of the bike. Having been involved in the sport of motocross from the age of 6, Luke's experience has helped over 200 riders improve their riding skills to date.


"There is one key difference between amateurs and professionals.
Professionals are experts at the basics"

Our 1-2-1 motocross coaching is a unique way for you to improve any aspect of your riding with the advice and experience of our coach Luke. Our coaching is based on progressing technical ability, developing confidence & having fun! No matter your ability, Luke will find areas for you to make improvements in. With the use of video analysis, we can also give you visual feedback during your sessions. Want more information? Check out our Instagram page to see more, or reach out to us directly.

Rider must have own bike and equipment.
- No hiring facilities available.
- Late cancellation charges apply

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