• Luke Morgan

Wrist strengthening exercises for grip sports

Updated: Apr 17

Adding variety to your hand grip strengthening regime is essential for restoring strength through the FULL range of motion of the wrist. Often we think of the hand and the wrist as joints that enable us to grip things (Flexion of the forearm), which is of course true, however when it comes to exercising we rarely specifically train other aspects of the wrist and then wonder why repetitive strain injuries and low impact injuries happen. The reality is, if a structure is weak or unconditioned, then it is susceptible to injury. The exercises shown in the video are great as an injury reduction program if you require the use of your hands every day or for your sport! Repetition wise; these are all based around endurance and you should therefore aim to complete 17reps+. These exercises can be used as part of an injury reduction program or during early/ mid rehabilitation.

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