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Posture training for bike riders

Riding a bike of any nature requires a particular riding position, and often involves your shoulders adopting a protracted (shoulders rolled forward) and internally rotated position, hips in a flexed position (sat down position) and the lower back adopting a rounded position leading to tight Thoracic and Cervical vertebrae (upper back & neck).

ZEN Anatomy Sports Therapy

The consequences of this are susceptibility to injury as the following two things often dictate one and other; a tight group of muscles can lead to a stiff joint, and a stiff joint can lead to a set of tight muscles.

"Conducting all your training on the bike alone can create imbalances if overall strength training isn't performed in conjunction with it"

So rather than taking the approach of getting you to stand upright with your shoulders back, whilst engaging, your glutes and TA; instead, we will help you to become a more robust version of yourself in your already well crafted body so that you can continue riding your bike without the unnecessary side effects of overuse injuries.Usually, in a world of treating every patient equally, many therapists may aim to get you in the 'perfect posture' regardless of your lifestyle. However, our aim at ZEN Anatomy Sports Therapy is to compliment your lifestyle. What this means is that we will take your sport and lifestyle into consideration when building your treatment plan, if it's in your best interest to adjust your posture, then we may do so, however we understand that you may be built a certain way for a reason, for a goal, or for your chosen bike sport.

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