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3 pro tips for mud riding

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Riding motocross in the winter brings many challenges with it. In this article I will talk about 3 ways in which you can improve your riding in the mud. 1) Ride with aggression and full commitment.

When it's wet, the mud retains more water which increases the size and number of bumps and ruts which can make the front end of the bike heavy and generally people tend to ride more cautiously in these conditions. They sit down a lot more and tend to use the clutch as a safety net in case they stall or fall which saps all momentum out of the bike, and once you take away momentum, you're left with a very unstable bike. So don't be a clutch puller or a seat hogger, condition yourself to push harder in these conditions and it'll be a lot easier for you.

2) Be proactive on the bike. Moving around on the bike and making constant minor adjustments to your body position should be a part of your riding every time you swing your leg over the bike, however the winter conditions can leave you feeling stiff and scarce, so consciously focussing on your movement proactivity will ensure your balance and bike control is not compromised in the boggy conditions.

3) Ride with vision.

Although your goggle preparation is hugely important, this is not what I mean by 'vision'. In this scenario, 'vision' is about thinking creatively and looking for the fastest lines with the least cost on your energy expenditure (after all, the bikes are heavier with half the track hanging off of them!). Looking for the shallow ruts and sweeping lines will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes and will take seconds off of your lap time.

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