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Hard fall- no problem at all

A big risk associated with any action sport is injury. Usually sustained from impact as opposed to overuse and often involving other people, objects, or the floor in most cases!

Should we just accept that this is part of the sport, or should we try and fight it? Well if you want to continue in your chosen sport, then you should consider that the definition of strength is: 'the capacity of an object or substance to withstand great force or pressure'; Although you can't 100% prevent impact injuries from occurring, it would make sense to build up your strength and resistance to potential impacts so you can reduce the severity of damage.

It all starts with a strong base. For the purpose of this article- a strong 'core' or torso strength as many refer to. The 'core' is what connects your upper body to your lower body, and what allows power to be generated through controlled rotation of the spine.

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Many people believe that sit ups and static planks are the best ways of strengthening the 'core' because they think the 'core' is simply the abdominal (abs) muscles. If this is what you also believe, then forget what you know, and open your mind for the remainder of this article. If you already knew that your core is more than just your abdominals, then read on too :)

The 'core' is a multiplanar system that connects your upper body to your lower body and two of its many roles are to generate, and absorb power. It involves a lot of muscles and movements and is often the weak link in the kinetic chain. (Where there is an injury, there is often a weak link within the core system that may be responsible for it- mainly the shoulders, back, neck and arms).

Here are 6 great exercises for strengthening your core without sit-ups and static planks.

Blue= energy absorption

Red= power generation Overhead press- Lifting things above your head Farmers walk- Carry heavy objects by your side and walk

Medicine ball slams- Pick up a medicine ball (bag of sand, if you don't already have one) and slam it down forcefully

Forward catch falls- Impact training should have a place within your training regime, and i'm not talking about crashing on purpose, running into walls or jumping out of trees! this exercise will do to start with. - Sit on knees, with torso upright and arms in front of you, and fall forward into a push-up position, however, rather than absorb the fall through a large range of motion, you resist the fall and minimise all movement of the torso. (Progress this exercise by falling onto one arm) This method of training can improve the motor receptors ability to control movement within your joints and can improve the ability to withstand awkward falls or landings.

Ab roll outs- left and right variations. Sit on knees with hands on ab wheel, reach forward with the wheel and steer to one side (then alternate)

Superman's- Start on all fours, then extend your hip and flex your shoulders maximally (alternate arms and legs- otherwise you'll fall over!)

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