• Luke Morgan

Europes toughest mudder. Check.

So, this weekend, I took on Europes toughest mudder's first UK 'toughest' event and it exceeded every expectation I had and more. The race started at midnight on Sunday and ended at 0800hrs Sunday morning, so the majority of the race was conducted under head torch and with a neoprene top and gloves to prevent the elements causing too many problems. It was difficult to create a fuelling and timing strategy for the 8 hour race, in part because I hadn't trained up to this duration before and I didn't want to waste time in the pits, but on the flip side, if I didn't stop to change clothes and shoes then I may not have finished the race. All I knew was that I was going to cover as much distance as I could, and I wanted to still be moving by the end of the race. That was the number 1 goal! There was an option of stopping at the end of each lap in the pits where our pit crew helped us to dry off a little, warm-up and get food prepped to take on board between laps, which I later found out was completely necessary for me as every second that I stood still I spent shivering. The night was a long one and I didn't really know what to expect until I warmed up on the start line with over 700 fellow mudders. The atmosphere off the start line was electric, and I felt like I was flying until about 4am with 15 miles covered at the halfway point, but I stopped in the pits for too long as I changed into dry clothes and it all of a sudden became a gruelling very long second half, with competitors dropping out and every obstacle open by this time, I soon discovered that although it was a race, it was mainly against myself and the only question I had in the back of my mind was how far could I push myself?! I got to the end completing 25 miles bang on time just after 8am and earned my headband! Which adventure should I take on next? A 70.3 maybe? #zeroexcusesneeded

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