• Luke Morgan

The front end dropped, and I fell out of the sky

It was my first race back since breaking my leg, I'd moved up onto the 250 for the mxy2 category and we'd done about 6 solid weeks on the bike. My leg was feeling strong and I'd racked up the miles on the push bike and rowing machine to get as fit as I could for my first race on the big bike. I was eager as ever to go out and do my best, but the nerves ran deep! In qualifying I felt as stiff as an ironing board just about managing to qualify for the races. Race 1, 2 & 3 I finished somewhere in the mid to late 20's with a crash in every moto but something just didn't feel right, I'd missed about 8 gears throughout the day hitting false neutral's in various places around the track but we all agreed it was the lack of bike time and strength in my ankle (the leg I broke). Deep down I knew something wasn't right with the bike but pressed on to do well in the last race, we knew that if I were to get a good start and relax, that I'd do well and finish the weekend on a high.


Last race of the weekend- The gate dropped and I got a hell of a launch running top 10 into the 1st corner. As the laps went by I was still inside the top 15 defending from a few riders but looking to press forward to the next group. Out of the small group I was in, nobody was clearing the downhill triple but I had the drive out of the corner on about lap 4/5 and I saw the gap for the pass, so I committed! I came out of the corner in 3rd gear and held it in gear a little longer to make sure I got the drive up the jump. I was about 10 metres from the take off when I eventually managed to select 4th gear which was a bit close for my liking but I was fully committed at this point in full preload too! I took off and then my engine just stopped in mid-air! The front end of the bike dropped, and I literally fell head first out of the sky, dropping from about 20-30ft I tried to hold on with the bike in a full nose dive position hoping that I could save it but there was nothing I could do (A bike that doesn't rev simply won't bring the front up). I broke my collarbone, thumb and partially dislocated both sternoclavicular joints (the joint that attaches your collarbone to your sternum). It turns out the bike had a gear selector issue which lead to me missing gears and eventually the engine gearbox let go at the wrong time.


Moral of the story- Don't mess about with gear changes when you're so close to jumps.

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