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Who Recovers The Quickest From Injury? Males or Females?

Updated: Apr 17

Ever wondered why some people recover from injuries quicker than others? Well first things first, everyone is different and each person has a slightly different recovery time post injury. A large variety of factors influence recovery time, ranging from genetics, fitness levels, nutritional intake (macro and micro nutrients), the protocols they follow and the environment the person is exposed to daily.

This article is not a source of scientific research and is purely based around the findings here at ZEN Anatomy Sports Therapy from the past 5 years 2013-2018. Don't let that stop you from reading on though, because this is absolutely true. We have found no difference between specific recovery times of Males Vs Females, however we have found a big difference between a Fast and Slow recovery time of a patient, and it often comes down to this:

sports therapy hounslow commitment

1.) Have you (the patient) been completing the tasks/ rehabilitation plan that was set out for you by the therapist. If so- has it been a consistent process?

2.) Have you (the patient) followed the advice you received from your therapist?

The people who recover the quickest following an injury are very often the ones that make an effort to understand and take responsibility for their own bodies. They dedicate time to themselves on a daily basis to ensure they have a smooth recovery, so they can return to doing what they love to do as soon as possible. After all, this is often the very reason for visiting a Sports Therapist in the first place.

How does the patient do this? They leave their excuses at the door and apply the advice they pay for. They set goals and execute their daily tasks to achieve them every day.

You see, a smooth rehabilitation process isn't about doing 1, 2 or 3 hard sessions in a week, it's about attending the sessions, getting the work done in them and learning from them so that you can start applying the knowledge into the rest of your life. There are 168 hours in 1 week. Are you sure you can't spare just 7 of those hours a week to repair and rebuild yourself?

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