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Question Series 1: Ep.1 Do You Need To Use The Clutch When Changing Gear On A Motocross Bike?

Updated: Apr 17

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Many people are lead to believe that you need to engage the clutch to change gear on a motocross bike, in fact some bike manuals actually recommend using the clutch to change gear, however it is in fact possible to change gear whilst riding without using the clutch, and best of all, there are no bike modifications required to do this. Reasons for using the clutch when changing gear: 1. It preserves the life of the gearbox, the engine and places less stress on the gear selector fork. 2. It can provide a smooth gear transition when at full revs (picture a start straight) 3. It is a good tool to learn about clutch control.

Reasons for leaving the clutch alone whilst changing gear: 1. Momentum stays constant when climbing up and down the gears (providing you're at optimal revs) 2. It increases your stability by making the front end of the bike light during gear changes. 3. It causes less wear and tear on the clutch. 4. You can focus on the job in hand, you already have hundreds of things to think about within 1 minute of riding, why add more stuff that has little benefit to your speed? 5. Using the clutch regularly often builds bad habits over time and can lead to over-engagement in corners, and over engagement of the clutch in corners is one of the biggest corner speed killers (IMO)

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