• Luke Morgan

Could external rotation be holding you back?

Updated: Apr 17

As people, we are designed to do far more than just stand and sit. We are capable of twisting, rotating, bending, standing, jumping, running and lots more too!

The shoulder is a key joint in the body which enables us to move our upper limbs freely, but what would happen if certain movements were restricted?

Could it impact us in a negative way? Could it affect our performance? A movement restriction in any joint can limit progress and can lead to bigger problems down the line. One of the biggest movement restrictions seen in the golfers shoulder is the lack of external rotation which can seriously limit the range of the swing but can also lead to another one of those fluffed shots. Improving your external rotation in the shoulder can lead to a better golf swing which in turn will make you smile more.

Check out the video below for some simple tips on how to get the most out of your golf swing.

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