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Golf posture, how can you improve yours?

Updated: Apr 17

Posture is all we seem to hear about these days, we are told to sit up right, pull our shoulders back and so on. How many of us actually take this advice on board with our lives outside of work and home life though? How many of us take these tips on board in our sport? Well, one group of people are the professionals, and they seem to be getting on quite well, so where do we start?

There are a number of approaches to improve your posture in golf, but first of all- learn the posture that will complement your game. If golf is your sport, employ a coach to help you with your technique. Hiring a golf professional is invaluable for your game as they will help you to become a more efficient player maximising your ability, whilst minimising the stress on your body whilst out on course.

Secondly, hire a Sports Therapist. The value of having a good working relationship with a Sports Therapist is huge, mainly because we understand the needs of a sportsman, therefore we will work with you to enable you to get more range & flexibility out of your body and will help with exercises and tasks to complement your technique.

We have a video for you to watch below, but here's a little tip for setting up at the tee; Ensure you are flexed at the hips, rather than hunched over from your shoulders, this will enable you to rotate faster and develop more power during the swing, all with the benefit of having less stress placed on the back.

Check out the video below for some simple tips on how to get the most out of your golf swing.

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