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3 Simple Tips To Speed Up Recovery After Your Knee Surgery

Updated: Apr 17

Around 40% of the people I treat through ZEN Anatomy Sports Therapy have suffered with knee pain, and quite often it's the very reason they book an appointment. Luckily, around 85% of the knee pain sufferers I have seen have been able to manage and overcome their knee pain through conservative treatment, i.e through sports therapy, rehab exercises and adjusting daily tasks to suit their needs. There are times though, (around 15%) where surgery has already been performed, or where we prepare for surgery. In the cases where we prepare for surgery, the surgeons will often set specific criteria they want to see from the patient prior to operating. The criteria may be to achieve a particular range of movement (ROM) within the joint or to build up the muscle strength around the joint first. This is to make the recovery a quicker and easier process after the operation.

Knee Rehab

3 Simple Tips To Speed Up Recovery After Your Knee Surgery.

1. Ask your surgeon for a detailed guidance report. This will highlight the timescales of which your surgeon expects you to achieve certain goals, for example- reduction of swelling, range of movement available within the joint, certain levels of strength and everyday tasks. This guidance, combined with a great sports therapist is a winning recipe for getting you back on your feet on schedule.

2. Listen to your sports therapist and follow your rehab.

If you are advised to perform x amount of exercises/ tasks a day, it's for a reason.

3. Massage your scars.

Scar healing times are one of the first signs that you will notice that your knee is starting to heal visually, it's really important to keep on top of a daily regime of using a lotion or oil (many different types available) to work into the scar.

The benefits of doing this are: A). Scar suppleness- A supple scar will leave the skin independent to the underlying tissues, but a stiff scar will 'glue' to the underlying surfaces, making it harder to achieve your full range of motion.

B). Reduced sensitivity- Getting the scar used to pressure early on will help you to adapt quicker and may cause less irritation later on in the rehabilitation process.

Give these a try and leave a comment about how these 3 tips helped you recover from surgery.

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