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Are You Prepared For The Ski Season Ahead? (Part 2/3)

Updated: Apr 17

In the side of your hips, there are some seriously important muscles called...

the gluteus medius muscles. These are what keep you upright and balanced when standing on one leg, so dedicating time every morning on your ski trip to warm this group of muscles up will help to activate and better your ski performance on the day ahead.

When the gluteus medius muscles are dysfunctional or weak, your lower back and knee muscles tend to take more strain which can lead to dull, achy pains up in the mountains and whilst resting (or partying). If you want to get the most from your ski experience, warm up and prepare every day, simple.

Do you like what you see above? Parallel skis, torso facing down the slope, hips are working independently, arms and shoulders are in the attacking position, and the depth of the hips in the turn looks fantastic right? None of this would be possible without strong and stable Gluteal muscles.

Here are three exercises you can perform to improve the strength in your glutes!

1). Curtsy lunge- A great exercise to develop single-leg stability and Gluteus Medius strength. Similar to a lunge but with a cross over the midline of the body.

2). Deadlift- Fantastic for producing force through the hips and Glutes, stand up tall and drive your feet through the floor.

3). Donkey kicks- For Gluteus Maximus development. Squeeze at the top of the range and slowly lower back.

Part 3 coming soon...

For more information and help on preparing yourself for skiing and overcoming your existing injuries get in touch via our contact page.

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