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Are Your Hip Flexors Tight, Or Just Weak?

Updated: Apr 17

Are your Hip Flexors Tight or just Weak? One of the most common problems runners can experience during marathon training is developing 'tight hip flexor muscles', this is often due to running technique and the lack of strength training during marathon training.

The thing that makes it difficult, is that tight or weak hip flexors don't always present themselves as 'pain' to the quadriceps; instead, they manifest themselves further around the kinetic chain and cause issues further up into the back for example, or sometimes lower down into the knees. This is all because the hip flexor muscles connect the hip, front of the upper leg (femur and knee) and lower back (lumbar spine) together.

If this sounds a little odd, watch the video below and see how tight or weak hip flexors can have a negative impact on your performance, but more importantly, the video shows some useful tips on how to address this.

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