How climbing can improve your squats and pull ups

Updated: Apr 17

Climbing is easy! (Said nobody... ever). Whether you are a pro, weekend warrior or a complete beginner to climbing, you will find that there is always a way of making it more challenging for yourself, whether it's going up a colour grade on the bouldering walls, or trying a new sequence that involves a dyno (a dynamic movement or leap using momentum to get to the next hold). The thing that relates so well in climbing to squats and pull ups is that nearly every movement is mini 1 leg squat or a pull up. The hip and knee angles required during high reaches on tricky climbs are greater than the depths most people go to during either a squat or pull up.

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If you can't do a pull up yet, then get yourself climbing- it's a very fun way of practicing and with every reach- you are putting a large amount of force through your shoulders, hips and knees which demands a lot from your torso which will improve its strength dramatically. My favorite part of climbing is that it highlights weaknesses between left and right limbs. You will probably find that you are more confident reaching with one arm more than the other, and you can generate more power from one leg than the other, and the great thing about this is that it provides you with information that can be applied to reduce muscular imbalances which in turn will improve your squat! Get yourself to the nearest climbing wall and climb yourself strong!


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