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Prehab. What's it all about?

Prehab is a word that is commonly used by health professionals, but is often blurted out in all kinds of contexts, leaving people confused as to what it is... So what is it? Prehab is the shorter version of the term 'injury prevention' which is a simple, multidisciplinary strategy to minimise the severity of injuries. It can be particularly successful in reducing the occurrence of overuse injuries that are brought on by repetitive dysfunctional movements such as poor running gait, inefficient swim stride and poor bike technique. It also plays a big part in reducing the severity of contact related injuries if implemented correctly.

Sports Therapy Hounslow- injury prevention

So how does it work? At ZEN Anatomy Sports Therapy, we start by examining the athletes movement patterns and then combine this information with the athlete's injury history to identify potential weak links. We then build a strategy around this (specific to the sport) to develop a prehab plan which is executed right here at ZEN Anatomy, Hounslow, or is given in task based format to take away and work on solo or with guidance from the athletes coaches and trainers. Reducing the severity of injuries by training potential weak links within the body is what wins championships. Quite often, in contact or action based sports, injuries are a big part of the game, affecting 30% or more of the competition each season, but with a structured prehab plan, you can maximise your chances of being one of the 70% that remains injury free and contends for the championship.

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