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Shin splints- I've got shin splints, now what?

In the second part of the 'shin splint' series, I discussed how to avoid the development of shin splints. In this blog (part 3/3), I explain treatment options for Medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) and how to move on.

Treatment options

MTSS is associated with weakened medial foot arch stability and strength and therefore the treatment options should aim to address this. Although clinical research studies have yet to find a treatment method that works best for MTSS (on it's own), suggested treatments in the literature include massage, shockwave therapy, ultrasound and taping techniques. We however, find that a combination approach has been the most successful treatment option from our perspective at ZEN Anatomy Sports Therapy. We have good success rates at treating MTSS by combining the above therapies along with specific exercises and pain management strategies.

how to avoid shin splints

Here are 3 things you can try for yourself

  1. Apply the POLICE method: Protect from further damage, optimally load (Do what you can handle), Ice the area, compress the area, and elevate when ever possible.

  2. Cross train: Find a low impact alternative sport to maintain your fitness levels whilst the area heals- Cross train, swim or cycle. Use the timeout to concentrate on strengthening other weak areas, perhaps core strength or pelvic hip control?

  3. Get your injury checked out. The benefit of getting it checked out is far more than just a diagnosis. Treatment strategies and aftercare exercises are often involved within the cost, and the recovery process is usually much quicker under guidance from a professional, than by doing it yourself.

The most important thing with MTSS (like with many other conditions) is to get an early diagnosis and recognise when things aren't quite right. By getting an early diagnoses, you can prevent it from developing into a tibial stress fracture. and get back to your sport as soon as possible.

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