The ultimate marathon guide

Our 'ultimate marathon guide'
will transform you from a marathon hopeful to a marathon finisher.

20 weeks or 16 to train for a marathon?
- 16 week marathon training programme is fine if you're a seasoned
runner, but it has dramatic increases in running distance each week
which is too much if you are just starting out
- Our 20 week marathon training programme has been designed to make
the progression more gradually, it minimises injuries and MAXIMISES
your chances of completing your marathon.
The first 4 weeks you will build your foundations to prepare you for running a
Using 5 key exercises, you will build essential strength from your feet
Throughout the programme there are complimentary sessions each week that:
- compliment your running,
- improve running efficiency and
- reduce injuries.
The run and rest days are there in the programme to optimise your recovery
between sessions and to ensure you can maintain a run/work/life balance as
the length of the runs increase and the Marathon approaches.
This programme has worked for us, and we want it to work for you too.

Reach you peak performance the Marathon Season with ZEN Anatomy.
'Zero Excuses Needed' is the philosophy we stand for. We take accountability for our actions, failures and successes with an 'I can' approach. This drives us to work as hard as we can to improve every day.

To reach your peak performance
apply for the 'ultimate marathon runner’s guide' now.